Robert-Jan Bruintjes

Artificial Intelligence developer

I am a developer experienced in combining artificial intelligence with object oriented programming to create fast and efficient applications that work with big data. I am currently enrolled in the UvA’s Artificial Intelligence masters program, where I learn to apply my knowledge of statistical models to create algorithms that can do machine translation, character recognition or other complicated tasks.

Currently I am working on my master thesis project, investigating a possible connection between machine learning and causal inference. Also I am working with Annette Ten Teije on extending the automatic computation of healthcare quality indicators to natural language for Amsterdam Data Science.

Recent work includes a short paper to the SIGIR 2015 Information Retrieval conference, working with Thomas Mensink on a zero-shot image recognition framework as an extension to COSTA and several masters projects for the UvA relating to machine translation and deep generative models.

I also have a lot of experience in front-end web development and have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I am familiar with most modern programming paradigms and very keen to learn.